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capturing emissions starts with
capturing data

It is well documented that companies succeeding in reporting all three scopes will gain a considerable competitive advantage. It is also widely acknowledged that insufficient quality data is preventing accurate reporting.


This is particularly true of Scope 3 data which is proving the most difficult to track and monitor, despite representing more than 90% of emissions for most organisations.

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having all the data needed for
Scope 3 modelling in virtual real-time

Portalink is a global thought leader for transaction digitisation. By pairing smart technology with the most appropriate methodology and by combining machine learning with low levels of human touch, Portalink is enabling large organisations to digitise unstructured documents with unprecedented agility, speed, accuracy and scalability.

Portalink is perfectly positioned to solve a well-recognised problem which is preventing organisations from accurately measuring Scope 1, 2 and (most importantly) Scope 3 emissions.

Portalink can capture, classify and store structured and unstructured granular data for accurate ESG reporting in virtual real time. Portalink aims to provide linked volumetric data and spend data at a granular product level for more accurate reporting. This concept has been recognised by ESG experts as a much-needed game changer.

the problem

Most organisations only capture and store the data from a transaction that is business critical, such as the five or six fields of header data needed to pay an invoice, or the header data that is necessary to track a shipment. The benefits of digitally capturing the granular line data within a transaction have been outweighed by the cost of doing so … until now. 


Although most companies have not yet made the connection, the rising demand to comply with ESG regulations has increased the value of granular line data.  


Without readily accessible quality data, companies are forced to spend significant time compiling and massaging out-of-date data samples which are incomplete and potentially, wildly inaccurate. This puts the organisation at risk of future scrutiny by governing bodies and markets, which could lead to costly litigation and damaging loss of reputation.

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the state of play

Green Forest

the solution

Solving this problem is not easy. The inbound and outbound transactional data comes in many different formats from many different sources. Portalink has developed a system that can capture, contextualise and store header and line data from any document in a way that is frictionless to the sender. 


Portalink’s ESG system is rapidly scalable, cost effective, and can be implemented with low effort or adverse impact on internal resources. 

the data funnel

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we can make a difference

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In 2007, we set out on a mission to eliminate wasteful data entry by streamlining purchase order processing. We wanted to be different from other software companies with a can-do attitude, transparent pricing, and great customer service. ​


We were adventurous, often going where others didn’t. We were an early innovator of cloud software at a time when most companies believed cloud had no place in big business. Not everything we did was a commercial success, but what we learned was invaluable as we strived to reach an unprecedented level of process automation.​ We are proud of our journey and the leading technology we have developed. Our software has transcended beyond our wildest dreams, a mere shadow of what we envisaged in 2007, and we are delivering great automation outcomes to a large portfolio of multinational companies across a vast array of industries and continents.​

Portalink is now seen as the solution-of-choice for companies that are serious about optimal Zero-Touch and best-practice digital transformation. This honour is a direct result of our relentless quest to solve the many complex challenges of the business environments we operate within. By using smart technology, the best methodologies and great customer support,


Portalink has achieved recognition as a best-in-class platform for transaction digitisation. By enabling seamless automation to the supply chain, from the biggest trading partners to the very smallest, Portalink is perfectly positioned to make a sizeable contribution to the way ESG Scope 3 data is measured. Together, we can make a difference.

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